Who and Where

199 Tamworth Road, Long Eaton, NOTTINGHAM NG10 1DH

Parish Priest: Fr. Christopher A Thomas, Presbytery, 25 Foster Avenue, Beeston, NG9 1AE
Email: frcathomas@live.com   Phone: 0115 922 8145

Parish Deacon: Rev. Chris Stevens
Email: deacon@lecatholic.org.uk   Phone: 0115 808 5428)

Parish Safeguarding Reps: Carol Morris & Jane Watts – 08445 880933
Diocesan Safeguarding Coordinator: Clare McKenzie – 0115 953 9850

  • Our stretch of Tamworth Road has cycle lanes (in the roadway when cycling towards the station, and sharing the pavement with pedestrians towards the town centre), and we have cycle stands for eight bikes. 
  • Bus stops in both directions are within 140 metres of the church gate. Bus Services are: trentbarton Skylink and trentbarton my15 (Click on service for more info)
  • There is unrestricted on-street car parking onTamworth Road with the two nearest spaces reserved for people with disabilities. If you park on any of the nearby side streets then please park considerately.
  • If you're arriving by boat, you'll find us just south of Bridge 3A on the Erewash Canal, between Trent Lock and Long Eaton Lock; 500 metres of 48 hour visitor moorings are straight across the road from church.
  • The w3w geolocation identifier for the church is truly.eating.event.

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