Who is leading the parish mission?

posted 1 Jul 2017, 15:23 by Martin Sylvester   [ updated 1 Jul 2017, 15:24 ]
Our Parish Mission is being led by two Redemptorist priests. 

Until recently Fr. Kieran Brady has been running St. Mary’s, Kinnoull,  a retreat centre in Perth. He is now involved in a new mission in Erdington Abbey Birmingham. He has been leading retreats and missions for many years. 

Fr. Thomas MacCarte is an experienced parish missioner and has given many retreats and missions across the U.K and Ireland. Fr. Tom is based at St. Mary’s Perth. 

The ministry of preaching “Good News” is the work of the Redemptorists. 

"It is through the  invitation of your parish priest and parish pastoral council," they write, "that we are coming to celebrate this Mission with you."