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Catholic faith courses for adults

There are a number of courses normally available in our parish; however with the current situation these have been on hold on for some time, but now planning is taking place to find new ways of presenting them.

The Why? course and the Grow In Faith! course are still postponed. However the Alpha course is now being scheduled for October 2020, on a virtual (Zoom) basis.

These courses are for
  • adults who want to find out more about Catholic faith and life
  • adults who want to become a Catholic
  • adults who are already Catholic and want to make their first holy communion or be confirmed
  • adults who are already Catholic and want to reflect on their faith.

The Alpha course

An online Alpha course, using Zoom, for the Long Eaton and Beeston parishes will begin on Thursday 1st October 2020 at 7:30 pm, lasting for an hour and 15 minutes, and is planned to run for 8 weeks; to sign up please fill out our online form:

The Alpha course is a great space to discuss some of the big questions in life and perfect for inviting friends and family who are not churchgoers to help them come to know Jesus. The weekly meetings involve watching a short film on a different topic, then discussing it and socialising with others, all without leaving your house!
The online form above also has a link to watch a trailer of the film series which gives an overview to the course. Also if you haven't used Zoom before there is an option to get you started before the event!
If you have any questions please contact Joe Hopkins or email .

The Why? course

It all starts with the Why? course, meeting for an hour at 11am on three Saturdays.
  • Why God? 
  • Why Christ? 
  • Why the Church? 
The Why? Course was made for people who know little or nothing about the Catholic Faith, and looks at some of the most important and intriguing questions human beings have ever asked.

In three engaging, thought provoking and enjoyable hour long sessions, it explores three vital questions: Why God? Why Christ? And why the Church?

Each session begins with a short video containing interviews, explanations and answers and ends with half an hour for discussion and questions. There is a beautiful and informative book to take home with you to explore the topics in greater depth at your own pace.

So that people can confidently make arrangements for child care if they need to, the sessions will end on time -- even if we're carried away in deep discussion when the time comes!

A sample of what to expect from the Why? course videos

The Grow in Faith! course

Then, after a short break, the Grow in Faith! course begins, again on Saturdays, from 11am to 12.30pm – a list of dates is usually given out at the Why? course. No booking is required for the Why? course, and each autumn a form is available to book a place on the Grow in Faith! course.