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Baptism course for parents

The church wants parents to take their child's baptism seriously, and to approach the day of their child's baptism fully aware of the commitment they will be undertaking to bring up their child in the practice of the faith. 

The final course this year for people hoping to have a baby or infant baptised in our parish will take place at St Francis on two Sunday afternoons, each time from 4.00pm until 5.30pmPart One is on Sunday 30th September, and Part Two is on Sunday 14th October, God willing.

The courses also help parents enjoy the day of their child's baptism more fully, because they know what to expect and have had a chance to reflect on the meaning behind the ceremonies of baptism

Please bring this information to the attention of anyone whom you think might be wishing to have a baby or infant baptised this year, and who might not see this web page; even if they have already made contact with Fr Martin. 

Please pray for children soon to be baptised in our parish, and for their parents.