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A Lockdown sonnet by David Goodhind

posted 27 May 2020, 08:56 by Dave Boott

David Goodhind has submitted this, a sonnet he wrote soon after the start of the lockdown

Confined to Barracks


I mark the calendar as time goes by,

Not to remind me of some future plan,

But to record the passing of the days

Of this self-isolation. Surely, I

Am not so lonely, bored or listless that

I need to while away the hours like this?

Of course, I don’t; there’s far too much to do.

But none the less I sometimes feel quite flat.

Why should this be?  I think it is because

I miss the friends I meet at church each day,

And have a reason to get up and dressed

So as to be in time to chat and pray.

It only needs officialdom to nod

And we shall be together soon, please God.