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Going to Mass during lockdown

posted 25 Jun 2020, 11:55 by Dave Boott

Submitted by Mary Bradford

Going to 10am Mass on a Sunday during Lockdown involves me getting my act together; no lingering over breakfast as I would if going to 11am at St Francis. So breakfast, wash, dress and head to the Study. 

“Don’t be late” says my husband “there will be no car parking space left”. 

One week he said “Aren’t you wearing your Sunday best?” Not sure what I was wearing that day, probably something casual as the Study can get rather warm - I have heard that some people wear their pyjamas at 7pm evening Mass – the children really enjoy that.

I have been attending 10am Mass at St Albans, Derby it has been great seeing the familiar faces of the readers (friends and youngsters I’ve taught) just as if I was among friends at St Francis. They’ve even had (virtual) Coffee and chat after Mass some Sundays. 

But I can’t wait until we can all be back together at St Francis – the study isn’t quite the same; sometimes there are too many distractions from the road outside. 

Looking forward to seeing you all soon

And just a thought - where have you been watching Mass during lockdown and what have you been wearing? :Let us know!!