The Why? Course

Come and discover the Catholic answers to the big questions.

Saturday mornings 11am to noon

Why God? September 15th
Why Christ? September 22nd
Why the Church? September 29th

In three engaging, thought provoking and enjoyable hour long sessions, this course explores three vital questions: Why God? Why Christ? And why the Church?

Each session begins with a short video containing interviews, explanations and answers and ends with half an hour for discussion and questions. There is a beautiful and informative book to take home with you to explore the topics in greater depth at your own pace.

The Why? Course was made for people who know little or nothing about the Catholic Faith, and no prior knowledge of Catholic doctrine is needed. 

Although the course was designed for people who are not Catholic, many Catholics have found it to be an inspiring and helpful reminder of things they may not have thought about for years.

The Why? Course  looks at some of the most important and intriguing questions human beings have ever asked.

So that people can confidently make arrangements for child care if they need to, the sessions will end on time -- even if we're carried away in deep discussion when the time comes!

A sample of what to expect from the videos