From 4th January 2021 this area is in Tier 5/Lockdown, and so we have to follow all guidance and regulations for that Tier. 

Public Masses can still take place, but until at least 17th February 2021, the Churches of St Francis at Long Eaton and The Assumption at Beeston will be closed for public worship. This recognises that despite all the measures we take in our churches, to come to Mass is still a risk, especially travelling to and from Church, particularly for the more vulnerable and elderly members of our communities. 

It is hoped to resume public Masses on Ash Wednesday, but this will only happen when, and if, our area is placed in a lower tier or that the signs indicate that the infection rate is significantly falling. Public Masses may still be available in other churches in the nearby area (See Mass Booking system) .but everyone needs to be mindful of the current regulations and guidance, and to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them.

Current series of online Zoom meetings set up by the Diocese to strengthen and enrich our parishes

Being a Disciple

Every Thursday in January — 7pm — Zoom

What is it: A joint project between the Diocesan commission of Adult Formation for Mission and Catholic Voices; exploring what it means to be disciple of Christ in the Church and how your parish can be a disciple making parish. Each week we will look at one of four principles of being a disciple (Study of the Word, Fellowship, Prayer, Sacramental Life), how they can be developed in our life and how a parish/chaplaincy can support these areas too.

Who is it for: Clergy and Lay people who want to grow in holiness and in their friendship with Christ; and for those who want to explore how their parish/chaplaincy can be a community that continually grows disciples.

Booking Here: Click here to register for any or all sessions

Fratelli Tutti

The God Who Speaks in this time of Coronavirus - a rich treasury of readings, meditations etc to comfort and enrich




News from Justice & Peace, and Caritas, in the Nottingham Diocese

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- The Bishops Conference of England and Wales have issued guidance to enable Catholic churches and organisations to find in one place the relevant information to them.
Guidance and documents can be found here

NEW Update on Covid-19 and Vaccination:  the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales  have now issued a statement on COVID-19 vaccination (3rd December 2020) which can be found on the CBCEW website. 


The Catholic Bishops' Conference have issued guidance on Celebration of Mass and Confession