Stations of the Cross

Most Catholic churches nowadays will have ‘stations’ (the name means ‘stopping-places’), in the form of fourteen pictures or sculptures or engravings, or sometimes simple crosses, to allow Christians to pause (‘stop’) and enter reflectively into those last moments of Jesus’s journey of love, and to pray by imagining themselves in Jerusalem with him.

Over the centuries the number and format of this devotion has changed a good deal, but it has had its present form since the 15th Century.

The following pages have the fourteen Stations within the church of St Francis of Assisi, Long Eaton, each with a short reflection. Feel free to go through them in order (each page leads on to the next) or click on any in the list

(They can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF document by clicking on this link)

The First Station                The Eighth Station

The Second Station          The Ninth Station                                

The Third Station               The Tenth Station          

The Fourth Station           The Eleventh Station

The Fifth Station                The Twelfth Station

The Sixth Station               The Thirteenth Station

The Seventh Station          The Fourteenth Station